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Brush it away


Kiss with softened lips

Half heart words


Ween me of prommises


Promise me time


one last time


We'll run

run away from me?

Never, Never

But forever

you'll stay


brushing me away



I'm content


By: Jessica Fiorucci


"A Single Rose"

roses.jpg (16569 bytes)

"This single rose I give to you, and hold U in my mind...

For in my heart and with this rose i'll keep you for all time.

You mean more to me than life itself,  and the emotions i cannot describe.

But with with this rose, i hope you know i'll love you for all time."

Written by: ~crazyfx~


Laying on the floor Heart broken and emotions crumbled Mind shattering, I am humbled Dying on the floor The inside of me stabbed, ripped, and bleeding The outside of me becoming a husk, but I'm still breathing Becoming a shell... This must be my Hell... The pain becomes too much at night When I used to think of you in my mindsight And now all that is left is cold bitterness The never-ending winter you put me in This cell of agony you abandoned me in And where are you right now? While I sob and choke on my own foolishness? I, alone, loved you but that was never enough It never stopped the lies even when we touched For the first time, I thought you were mine All lies, untruths, deceptions My own fault, my own foolishness Yet how could you do this to me? Another stupid question... What am I to you or anyone? Where ever did I get the idea that I was worth loving? Worth saving Worth anything? You showed me just how worthless I truly am. Didn't you? Afraid to sleep Afraid to close my eyes Afraid to face the demons of your lies Afraid to drift away Now I fear my dreams Afraid to face the hellish nightmares awaiting The goblins which stand to torture me as I pass Into a different world Afraid to see you in my dreams To see who I thought I knew, and never existed To see who I now know exists To hear you say 'I love you, George' As you burry the knife into my heart I hold my shirt open for you Baring my flesh, exposing my chest Stab me Impale me Slash me Shoot me Rip me Tear me But I know it won't last I'm afraid to go to sleep Afraid of all the things you said Coming back to haunt me in the darkness of my dreams While I see in my mind everything you did Im afraid like a small child lost in the dark Wandering through blackness and fear Im afraid like a child who needs comfort A little boy, fearful of ghosts and of demons This is what I am reduced to No one to hold me I am all alone No one with me here You left me cold, bitter, wanting, and in pain And I'll take these things to my grave... -George (Cypress Dreadslay)