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    Whats new.

New partnership with RainSoul designs for web and graphic design. We are VERY excited about this one! =)

The adopt a pikachu site is bigger than ever pulling in over 1000 hits a day!

[July, 2000] New site design, along with some new enhancements.

ahhhh, ok.We now are doing Handle creation for the chatters of Chathouse. You can fill out the form below if you would like us to do a character image for you.



    Chathouse handle design guidelines.

Since our partnership with Rain Soul, there has been some minor changes. Since we are partners now, this means we are sharing the design of pictures requested. You might get your picture done by me (Tim/Crazyfx ) or by Nina/Rain.

The quality of your pic will still be the same for we both do excellent work (we think so, and I believe all the people that have gotten pics done by either of us will agree as well. )

So thank you, and on with the show.

Here are a list of suggested guidelines for having a character image created by us. Note: This guidelines can be worked with some. Thank you.

One or two pictures (as in people, or creatures...the main focus) we can do transparencies and layering, but dislike having too many people, it clusters up the image and takes away from the quality.
Text. We prefer to have basically just a name, and maybe one other line of text. Too much text on a pic just looks terrible.
Clan/tradition logo's. We can do clan or tradition logo's from Vampire the masquerade, or Mage the ascension, or werewolf the apocalypse, and a few others too. All of these are done originally, not borrowed from a web site, it will be made to fit your picture. Just tell us what clan/tradition logo you would like, and we'll add it for you.
As far as the rest of the picture goes, we do great bordering, and beveling, special effects like lightning, star and fireball effects, just many special effects. Along with finding (if need be) new and original background images for your style of picture.

Here is a page I put together to give some examples of our work. Click the link below and have a look.

Examples of our work

We hope These guidelines are helpful, and will want to have us create an image all your own for you. Thanks again.

(Note: If you like our work, and would be willing to link to us from your web site we have many was to do that, just click below and choose any way you would be willing to link to us.)

Linking information

   Chathouse handle request form.

Your Name:

Your E-mail:

Your characters name: (for the image)

Text: (on the picture if any)

Clan/Tradition Logo: (if one applies)

First Image URL:

Second Image URL:

Third Image URL:

Additional Information here:


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