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~King Crazy Page~ *Leader of the F.O.L.*

Ceri-Queen of Freaks

Chicka-Princess Freak

FiFi-Princess Freak

~Sky Pariax~ *Daughter of Crazy & Ceri* ~*princess of the FOL*~

Baily Page Yamamoto *princess of the FOL

~Click 327 Page~ *Crazy's Twin Brother*

Cinta ~Malaikat Dan Moster~ *Daughter of Crazy & Ceri*

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~The "Page" Family~

~Andromeda Page~ *High Priestess*

~Alexus Page~ *Fire Mage*

~Persephone Page~ *Wind Goddess*

~Patrick Page~ *Fire Warrior*

The freakiest family Online!!...The slivanos's!

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~Dave~ Insane Jester

~Alurusa~ Official Matress Rotator

~Frogger~Panda Assasin~F.O.L

Cyla ~Sexiest of all Freaks~

~Sky Pariax~ "Queen of the Time Sheet of F.O.L."

~Lexi Pariax~ *The Cutest freak on line* (grand daughter to crazy & ceri)

Nemsar ~Holder of the Dummy Curse~ *SUPERBRAT*

~Spiclick69~ *Warrior Princess of the F.O.L.*

~Supa Cool~ *First Insane Big Blue Kitty Knight of FOL*

~Starlyte~ *Holder of the sacred plunger of wet noddles* ~*pupil to King Crazy*~

~Lady Teca~Biggest Freakin Flirt of The FOL....

Yagyu Jubei~Sadistic Chicken Slayer~Holder of the All Powerful Sacred Stop Sign~

Spook Spoof the bedlam ridden spoof Freak

~Telim Dreadslay~ *Looney Insane Madman of the F.O.L.*

Vormav Silvanos ~Wicked Mime & Easter Bunny Master of the F.O.L-

~Joey Silvanos~ *Lead Dragon of the FOL*

~Roxy Dreadslay~ *Insane jellybean holder of FOL~Hypersest Chica~ *

~Palidin Silvanos~ *Biggest Saucy Ass of the FOL*


rOOt mAAn ~insane flasher of the FOL~

~Lady Crazy~ *Holder of the all powerful "Bitch Whip"* ~*Sadistic "NONE" Slayer of the FOL*~

~Blink~ *Mutant Freak of the FOL*

Bella marie Mcchord~mistress and daughter of venom and Catti mcchord and crazy bitch of the fol~

~Krishna Storm Yammamoto~ *First insane Water Balloon Knight of the FOL*

Raquel ~Insane Bed Jumper and Flyin Pillow Fighter of the FOL~

Shaelon Goldwing~Crazy's Angels:Crackwhore Extraordinaires of FOL~008

Cathelyn Lyani~Crazy's Angels:Crackwhore Extraordinaires of FOL~003

Kuriko Yamamoto ~ Insane holder of the almighty Yeild sign~

Angel Nightshine *Pixxy stick holder of the FOL*

Crysania de Bhais Soarsa *insane Gummi bear thrower of the FOL*

Ca$h *Tha Dope Lord of FOL*

~*~Sukie Sukie~*~ *Ghetto Crack dealer and drinker of te FOL*

Cali *Increadably seductive and lip licking temptress of the FOL*

-=Faust=-|King and Recruiter of Ruby Ankh|-=The Most Insane member of the F.O.L.=-

Meet the Official Mascot of the FOL

Meet my Chocobo "~PHREAK~!".

Click HERE to get your own Chocobo!


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