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And so begins my story...

As far back as I can remember it there was only 4 of us.

We were abandoned at a young age and forced to travel the land, learn from our experiences, fend for ourselves, and take care of each other. We were all we had and we loved each other dearly. When I was growing up I was the young one, and also very rambunctious. I loved to run off and play, hunt things and usually got myself into more trouble then I was worth. I was also they very emotional type. I used to love to run off by myself and find a quit place to sit and day dream about life, where our parents were, why they left us and what I was going to become in life.This in a way has always been how I am....always wanted to know and find a reason for everything, whether it could be explained or not. I was also very creative...I used to play pranks on my sisters and tease them...but being so young they usually tackle me and kicked my ass. I loved to hunt so when it was dinner time I would wander off for an hour and usually lose myself in something else that caught my attention, but I would always bring something back with me. But they usually already had something cooking by the time I realized how long I had been gone.

I loved my sisters dearly, I know they loved me too...I learned my life skills and my fighting prowess from them....and one day in my wanderings I stumbled across a book of spells. I started reading and playing with before I knew what it was and didn't tell my sisters about for a while. When I was just sitting around I would do little things like light the fire while they weren't looking, and make things disappear and reappear in "odd" places. *L* As I kept reading the book while I was off on my ventures I started learning new and more powerful spells.One day while we were on our journey through the land we were ambushed by a band of thieves and ogre's....The girls were kickin' some ass but it didn't seem to be enough to hold them off and I had no choice but to use the spells I had learned from reading the book of spells I had found. I cast a few spells, lit a few on fire and got my first kills as an apprentice mage. They were shocked at my abilities and very proud of me too.

As time progressed we continued to wander the land, drifting as always, growing closer and closer every day. One day we entered a town that seemed to be quaint little town and we decided to check into the inn for the night.As we laid their talking and enjoying a peaceful evening we heard some commotion and screams coming from the ally below. We grabbed our weapons and sprang to our feet and ran down to the ally, only to see a group of thugs acting to young ladies. We of course being of valor and chivalry said our fair warnings and drew our blades. The attackers did not take heed of our words and we were forced to attack. We one within' a matter of a few minutes and the two ladies fought valiantly along side of us. After the battle was over we said our thanks, and gave our introductions. Their names were Sephrinia and Kanna. They were wanderers also. They were broke and had no place to go and we offered them rest and a meal at the tavern down the road. They graciously accepted our offer and we were off to eat, drink and talk about our travels. That night as we talk, laughed and bragged about our experiences and kills, I happened to notice something, it was a birth mark that I had seen before. I knew I had seen it before as I looked down at my own shoulder. I said to them, "May I see your arm?"...they replied, "yes, but why?" I said, "Look at my shoulder compared to yours." Their mouths dropped as they saw the same exact birth marks that were on their arms too, and on the arms as the lovely ladies travelling with me. As we stood there in shock, we realized that some how we were of blood and of the same house, and we got no sleep last night as we shared our stories, memories and anything that what knew about or parents. From there we realized that fate had brought us together as a family and we made a pact to set back out on our quest to find out parents.

As time went on the group now totaling six had become close and had formed a bond that could and would never be broken. Some had met significant others in their lives from other kin, and some had not. I for one still had not. I had seen a few people and they had hurt me bad, but I was strong and picked up and moved on with my life, and I had my family to keep me going in my hard times. One day as I wandered off as I still did from days of childhood, I stumbled into a shady area of the wood. As I peek out from behind the bushes I saw a vision of loveliness unlike any I had seen before. In that instant I was stuck with a flood of raging emotions that I had never felt before. I sat there and watched her as she slowly walked across the green fields and picked and smelled flowers along the way. The day was bright sunny, the scent of a cool breeze tickled your nose and the sun sparkled off the stream that she was walking by. It was a picture that stays in my mind to this day and I will never forget. As she walked I heard a commotion coming from the bushes a few yards from me...I looked over to see a small band of goblin's preparing to attack her. I waited to see their final intentions and as they ran out from the bushes with their daggers in hand I knew what they had in mind. I cast a spell and was teleported directly in their path between her and them. As I drew my blade the wind blew and my cape flew back in the wind. two stopped and ran away, the other three continued on. She was in shock of what she was seeing and fell to the ground in awe as I tripped one and threw him to the ground on his, I side stepped and stood on his back so he couldn't move. Then I swung my blade, he parried and I jabbed him through the heart, spilling his blood on the green grass as I pulled back. Another turned and ran. The third was an ork and drew his blade. I looked him in the eye and stabbed my blade throughout the ogre I was standing on and left it there as I drew my staff. He lunged and I side stepped and knocked him on his ass. He got up and as he swung I knock his blade from his hand. He stood the for a second in shock of my skills, and as I sent one end of my staff in the ground he pulled a dagger from behind his back and threw it at me. It penetrated My right side just below the ribs. I felt pain, but as I bled I felt the rage of a thousand dead souls burn inside me, I picked up my staff, twirled it two times above my head and swing hitting him bluntly in the temple knocking him uncontious. Seeing no reason for further bloodshed I put away my staff, and sheathed my blade, and turned to the young lady and spoke "Are you all right M'lady?" as I extended my hand to help her to her feet. She reply "Yes, Thank you" as she took my hand and rose to her feet. "Are you wounded badly"? she asked looking at my wound. "I'll be fine. It's more you that I am concerned about at the moment."...I introduced myself as Lord Crazy of the house of KMAC, and she replied to me  "I am Ceri, and I am of no house. Just a farmers daughter. I love over yonder ridge." As she spoke these words my heart started to melt inside of my chest as though it was being torched by the fires of Hades themselves. At this point I asked her if I could escort her home, for it may still be dangerous. She accepted my offer and I walked her home. When we arrived at her farm, I had lost allot of blood and was feeling weak, she introduced me to her father, he thanked me, invited me and gave me a room to rest in. As I laid there I unknowingly fell asleep from the amount of blood that I had lost and awoke to see that I had been declothed and my side bandaged, and sitting by my side was Ceri...this is when I realized that I had found the woman I had been searching for my entire life. I awoke and talked with her a little longer and ate a hearty dinner with her and her father. I stayed one more night to rest up and decided to leave in the middle of the night as to not cause a fuss, but as I left she was already packed and waiting for me in the hallway...I said "I don't think you are making a good's dangerous where I am going." "I already told my father my decision and he knows he can't stop me. Besides he knows that you will be there to protect me."  and so with that we left her farm and headed back to where my family was set up to stay...along the way we talked and told stories and experiences and I started falling deeper and deeper in love with this woman and stopped to thanks the gods for the joy that they had bestowed on me...and as I stared into her eyes we embraced each other and slowly melted into a long passionate moonlit kiss and began the beginning of their eternity together as one.

This story is Dedicated to my love, Ceri...

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